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Beyond nutrition, beyond fitness, a complete mindset makeover. Body Well Made. Nutrition, Movement, Skin, Spirit, Intention, Nature - Body Well Made

Everything you need to find your best version of wellness.

Holistic Health and Nutrition expert Josh Gallatin



Josh is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and a Certified Personal Trainer.


He is passionate about helping people improve their health and strive for optimal health through holistic nutrition. It doesn’t matter your starting point, you can reach your optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle changes with Body Well Made. 


Expert Teachers

Body Well Made is led by a holistic health and nutrition expert and personal trainer, Josh Gallatin. We also include experts in energy healing and group fitness to ensure a well-rounded source of information.

BWM Benefits


Online Community

Become a part of a meaningful online community at Body Well Made. It's a community of people who are all working towards bettering our health; physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Flexible Curriculum

Learn and apply at your own pace. We give you all of the tools you need to take control of your health and wellness journey.

Explore things like: tips to detox your body and home, functional movement, holistic health and nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, and energy healing!

Testimonial Client photo

Janna - Helena, MT

I didn’t think small lifestyle changes like walking every day could actually impact my overall wellbeing and physical health. The Body Well Made challenges COMPLETELY changed my mind! Now I understand how, with guidance, I can be an active participant in my improving my overall health.

Testimonial Client Photo 2

Monica - Chandler, AZ

I love the monthly challenges that Josh adds to the program. My habits have changed and I have noticed improvement on my health. By following his approach on stretching, staying hydrated, meditating, adding movement & repetition there has been a positive impact on my overall health. I feel more energized and it has helped me improve on my swimming and really the way I feel overall. I highly recommend Body Well Made to everyone!

Testimonial Client Photo 3

Claudia - Bozeman, MT

Over the past couple of years, I have consulted with Josh to fine tune my wellness. I have been thrilled by the results. Josh pays attention to the details of my specific needs as well as to the big picture of overall wellness and longevity. He carefully evaluated my nutritional habits and made specific suggestions to improve my absorption of essential nutrients. Josh’s professionalism, along with his friendly manner and some informative diagnostic tools, helped uncover and resolve a GI issue and returned me to vibrant health. I highly recommend consulting with Josh; I came away with more energy and much more information that will help me advocate for my own wellness going forward.

Connecting with Nature with mindfulness meditation

My Body Well Made

Join the Body Well Made Portal today to get started and find your best version of wellness.

Everything you need to educate yourself and take action to start feeling better and living a better, more purposeful life.

Learn and apply at your own pace - everything you need to be successful for yourself and your family

holistic health and nutrition expert Josh Gallatin

1-1 Nutritional Therapy Sessions

Want to work with me one on one?


Book a session today and we'll dive deep into your health issues and come up with a customized nutrition plan to further your health goals.

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